Zephyr Show Lead

Zephyr Show Lead



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Refine your look in the show ring. This lightweight lead is made with the same quality snap found on other Zephyr leads. The narrow 5/8” nylon is the same width as the Zephyr halter your animal wears. Comes in standard length of 6 feet. Black leads are tubular nylon, all colors are high quality and match the halters. 

Zephyr leads do NOT have a swivel.  Swivels create a disconnect between your and your animal and make it much harder to use the lead to make important changes in your animals balance.  This is particularly important when you are working up close as in the show ring.  

*PLEASE NOTE:   The lightweight brass boat hook clip on the Zephyr leads are not intended for use in tying difficult or untrained animals, for use in a restraint device or for restraint of any kind. The clip will break under that kind of strain.  These leads are designed primarily for refined leading.

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