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Anitone 1 Litre



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Anitone is a natural organic liquid mineral and trace element supplement for all animals. A nutritional supplement providing over 60 minerals and trace elements in a highly bioavailable, chelated form to supplement the diets of all domestic animals.


Anitone is the only liquid supplement available for animals with such a comprehensive range of ingredients. Anitone contains numerous essential trace minerals and vitamins, such as selenium, copper and cobalt, as well as Vitamins A,D and E and a range of amino acids known to optimise metabolism. Anitone is unique because it is naturally fermented in a brewing process similar to brewing beer, which makes it highly palatable and attractive to animals, even when they are jaded, sick or stressed.


  • Acts as a tonic and supports digestive efficiency.
  • Can help to stimulate appetite and rumen fermentation.
  • Provides 60 chelated essential minerals in a readily - available organic form
  • Stress management due to Anitone’s high levels of nutrients, it is helpful during any period of stress or recovery from injury or disease.
  • Can help reduce stress in livestock after mustering, transportation and at weaning.
  • Useful for introduction to lot-feeding and during lot-feeding.
  • Can help to alleviate symptoms of acidosis, laminitis, grain-poisoning.


Developed by veterinarian Dr Jenni Ahmat Anitone is an Australian made product.

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