Camelidynamics clicker kit

Camelidynamics Training Clicker Kit



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We love clicker training!

You can teach your llamas and alpacas all kinds of useful and fun behaviors AND the process of teaching these behaviors changes the relationship you have with your animal.<

The pouch is perfect for either carrots or grain treats, has a very sturdy french hinge and offers plenty of room. It is bigger and sturdier than most treat pouches designed for dogs and it is MADE IN THE USA specifically for Camelidynamics. The special mini feeding frisbee (two feeding dishes included) is the perfect size for the pouch but big enough to entice shy animals.

Included is what we consider to be the best clicker for working with camelids and a wrist coil. You can deliver a click with your thumb or for additional versatility with your foot. There is no wrong way to hold the clicker preventing missed clicks!

You can have loads of fun with clicker training AND you will become a person of interest with your animals - we have had numerous success with using clicker training with various animals with various issues and would highly recommend having a go!

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