Camrosa Ointment

Camrosa Ointment



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Camrosa Ointment - a very effective multi-purpose ointment for animals.

Do your animals have sores, sore itchy skin, hair loss, broken skin or scabs? Camrosa Ointment could be your savior!

Camrosa is a water repellent ointment that creates a barrier against flies, midge bites, mites, the wet and mud and promotes the natural healing of cracks, sores, superficial injuries, callouses, lifts fixed scabs and soothes itchy, irritated dry skin. It also aids hair regrowth and maintains supple skin on a large variety of animals including alpacas, horses, sheep, goats, cattle, dogs, birds, pigs etc.

Camrosa is being widely used throughout the alpaca & equine industries with exceptional results. It is economical to use and long lasting in all weather and does not melt in heat or wash off in rain.

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