Cobalife VB12 Plus Selenium

Cobalife Vitamin B12 + Selenium



$71.36 (excl GST)


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Vitamin B12 is essential for the synthesis of nucleoproteins and thus for the normal production of red blood cells.

Vitamin B12 deficiency reduces appetite, growth rate and milk production and increases infertility, ill thrift, lethargy and metabolic disease. By treating your stock with Vitamin B12 you effectively treat Cobalt deficiency and aid in the production of glucose, a vital energy source important for growth. If your property is deficient in Selenium, large production gains can be achieved through selenium supplementation. Selenium is necessary for the development of immunity, prevention of white muscle disease and acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Product Benefits

  • Suitable for treating sheep and cattle
  • Longer Acting - Contains Hydroxocobalamin.  Hydroxocobalamin is a long acting type of Vitamin B12 compared to cyanocobalamin
  • Easy inventory management - one product for both sheep and cattle
  • Increased appetite in stock
  • Reduce ill thrift
  • Aids in recovery from facial eczema
  • Sustains growth rates and milk production over peak production times
  • Boosts energy

Active Constituent

Each mL contains Hydroxocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 2000µg (2mg) and Selenium (as sodium selenate) 4mg.

Dose Rate

Lambs: 0.5mL at marking and weaning time

Sheep: 1-1.5mL prior to mating and 4 weeks prior to lambing

Calves: 2-3mL at weaning and at three month intervals

Cattle: 4-6mL at mating time and prior to calving

Need and frequency for repeat injections depends on the age of the animal and level of cobalt deficiency being experienced. Do not exceed the stated dose or dose more frequently than every 3 weeks. Do not use at the same time as any other selenised fertiliser, pill or product without consulting a veterinarian.

Please note: Selovin LA contains 50mg/ml of Selenium (as Barium Selenate) - Cobalife VB12 has 4mg (as Sodium Selenate)

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