Squirt Cool Mat Midi

Cool Mat - Midi 90cm x 60cm



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Squirt Cool Mat Bed Midi  60cm X 90cm

The coolest way to escape the heat!

  • The mat contains a gel that is activated by pressure from body weight as the pet lies on the mat
  • The soft, smooth exterior of the mat is made from easy clean durable and scratch resistant materials
  • Once the gel inside the mat is activated, the mat remains cooler than the surrounding ambient temperature for up to 3 hours of constant use
  • The mat will automatically recharge after a shift in weight, change in pressure or a short period of not being used - with the 3 hours of cool starting again upon the pets return to the mat
  • Provides super convenient and cost effective cooling - no power source, electricity, batteries, water or refrigeration is required
  • The mat is easily transportable and folds for easy storage 
  • It is safe and cost effective cooling solution for pets - there are no dangerous wires or batteries that a pet can chew through and is made from non-toxic materials


Care Instructions 

  • For a quick and easy clean: wipe the Cool Mat clean with a damp cloth
  • For a thorough clean: clean with warm soapy water
  • Allow the Cool Mat to dry completely before storing
  • Store with fabric between the folds to avoid mould forming on the Cool Mat
  • Store the Cool Mat in a cool, dry, ventilated place
  • Do not machine wash or tumble dry

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