First Aid

First Aid

Have your First Aid kit stocked and ready for those emergencies

White Healer 500g
White Healer 500g

$38.14 (excl GST) $41.95

Manuka Vet Gel 20g
Manuka Vet Skin & Wound Gel

$17.50 (excl GST) $19.25

Vetsense Lubrigel Obstetrical Lubricant 5L

$28.33 (excl GST) $31.16

Peptosyl 200ml
Peptosyl 200ml

$29.09 (excl GST) $32.00

Debrisol Wound Spray
Debrisol Wound Spray 500ml

$20.45 (excl GST) $22.50

SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad
SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad

$59.10 (excl GST) $65.01

Cutisoft gauze swabs
Gauze Swabs - Cutisoft 100 pack

$7.95 (excl GST) $8.75

White Healer
White Healer 100g

$16.36 (excl GST) $18.00

Lubricating Jelly 5pack
Sterile Lubricating Jelly - 5pack

$5.00 (excl GST) $5.50

Hemastop Styptic stick
Hemastop Styptic Stick

$16.50 (excl GST) $18.15

Flygon 500ml
Flygon Insecticidal and Repellent Spray

$24.09 (excl GST) $26.50

Septicide Antiseptic Cream
Septicide Antiseptic Cream with Insecticide

$16.82 (excl GST) $18.50