6kg ProfeLac Shepherd

ProfeLAC Shepherd Milk Replacer 6kg



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ProfeLAC Shepherd - Premium Lamb-Kid-Cria Milk Replacer

Has been specifically formulated to mimic ewe milk and is recommended as a milk replacer for small ruminants including cria. ProfeLAC Shepherd has been blended from selected dair yingredients to offer a fully instantised high-fat, low-lactose milk feed ideal for rearing lambs, kids and crias. It has been fortified with a balanced mix of essential Vitamins (including all B-group vitamins) and Trace Minerals to ensure the animal's minimum daily requirements are met. Also contains BioPAK Shepherd - a specific blend of Pro-biotics; acidifiers; and botanical extracts as an aid to digestion and to improve gut health.

Typical Analysis:

Min. Crude Protein - 25%
Min. Fat - 30%
Max. Crude Fibre - 0%
Min. Lactose - 30%
Lysine - 2.2%
Methionine - 0.6% 

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