Propaca with Protexin

Propaca with Protexin



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15kg bucket

(20kg bags available - these can't be sent via Aust Post, please contact us for a courier price, or it can be picked up at Kurrajong)

Specially formulated for Camelids.
An energised mineral/vitamin and trace element supplemement with Protexin.

Active Constituents: Each 100g portion contains:
Vitamin A - 1,500i.u.        Ferrous - 25mg           Calcium - 4.6g
Vitamin D3 - 300i.u.         Manganous - 30mg      Phosphorus - 1.6g
Vitamin E - 15mg             Selenium - 500ug        Sodium - 2g
Cobalt - 320ug                 Iodine - 135ug            Protein - 20g
Copper - 5mg                   Zinc - 50mg                Protexin® - 120 million CFU

PROPACA® with PROTEXIN® supplies a specific premix package, including meals containing quality protein and high energy with molasses and cod liver oil.  This pioneer formulation is a nutritious and palatable supplement unique to the Australian camelid industry.  PROPACA with PROTEXIN will aid in the production of high quality, versatile natural fibre. It will positively benefit show animals, improving coat condition and colour, as well as supplementing the diet of young cria for better growth and performance.  Particular emphasis is given to the high nutrient demands of gestation, lactation and reproduction.

PROTEXIN® is included in PROPACA to maximise growth rates and protect cria from scour-inducing bacteria. The beneficial bacteria in PROTEXIN help to quickly establish a healthy population of gut microflora, which in turn helps protect them from overgrowth of harmful strains, as well as aiding a digestive efficiency and improving the utilisation of feed. PROTEXIN helps improve growth rates, feed conversion and enhances health naturally. PROTEXIN is non-hormonal, environmentally safe, residue free and has a nil withholding period. No other product can make these claims.

Restraint: Product containing Protexin® should be not used in conjunction with Penicillins, Cephalosporins, Tetracyclines, Avoparcin, Gentamycin, Lincomycin Streptomycin, Tiamulin or Tylosin, but may be used immediately following these antibiotics.

Propaca Data Sheet (Propaca.pdf, 260 Kb) [Download]

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