Size Matters! Llama halters

Size Matters! Full set of llama halters



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Size Matters!

Especially when it comes to llama halters! With a set of size matters halters you will always have a halter that fits. Get a full set of Zephyr halters one in each size with special color coordinated nose bands to make telling which size a snap - at the same time you can also tell which end is up! All Zephyr halters are colored by label sewn inside the halter with:

  •  S = blue 
  • M = red
  • L = green

Now we have matched the top part of the nose band to the label so that you can immediately tell what size you are picking up. With this set of halters we guarantee that you can properly fit any llama (4 months or older).

Please note that Zephyr halters are proportioned differently than many halters on the market. The halter noseband is designed to fit well back on the nose bone very close to the eye.

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