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Zephyr Llama Halters



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halter fitZephyr Llama halters are the best fitting halters available on the market and are highly recommended by Alpaca Dynamics.

The Proper Fit

Buying a halter that fits properly is possibly the most important thing you can do for the safety and comfort of your camelid. Halter fit profoundly affects your camelid’s attitude and performance. For safe halter fit, the nose band must rest on bone and stay there even under adverse conditions, i.e. when your llama/alpaca bucks on the lead, resists being tied, bolts or becomes tangled in a stake line. A halter should be comfortable and should not interfere with your camelid’s ability to yawn, eat or ruminate. A halter should also serve as an effective tool of communication particularly if your animal is in training.

Maximum Adjustability 

The Zephyr halter has the maximum amount of adjustability in both the nose band and the crown piece. It is proportioned so that it will stay well up on the nose bone for your animal’s safety when properly fitted. The Zephyr halter is also designed with side rings on the nose band that can be used for leading. Signals given in this location can often prevent negative leading behaviors from developing or fix habitual resistance when it exists. Get one of each size and you can properly fit every animal on your property. Halter fit is covered extensively in Marty’s book, The Camelid Companion (see "Reference Books" category).

Unique Features:
  • More holes in the strap, closer together for a perfect fit
  • Smooth, rounded buckles for easy adjustment and they won't pop undone under pressure
  • Solid brass fittings that won't rust or shed plating
  • Firm straps so the halter holds its shape
  • Chin ring is sewn in position so it stays under the jaw
  • Cheek ring can be used for leading from either or both sides
  • Available in many colors


  • Small Fits from 3-6 months or smaller, more delicate heads
  • Medium Fits large weanlings, yearlings, small adults.
  • Large Fits adult of all sizes expanded to fit larger animals.

New Colours here now - Blue, Rainbow & Red


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