Reference Books

Reference Books

Camelid reference books by renowned authors

Alpaca Breeders Handbook
Alpaca Breeders Reproduction Handbook

$20.00 (excl GST) $22.00

Is That Plant Poisonous
Is That Plant Poisonous?

$50.00 (excl GST) $55.00

Medicine and Surgery of Camelids
Medicine and Surgery of Camelids - SALE!

$241.82 (excl GST) $266.00

ABC - Birthing & Cria Care
ABC - Antenatal, Birthing & Cria Care

$29.00 (excl GST) $31.90

The Camelid Companion
The Camelid Companion

$86.36 (excl GST) $95.00

Weeds of the South East - 3rd Edition
Weeds of the South-East - 3rd Edition

$69.05 (excl GST) $75.96

Llama and Alpaca Care
Llama and Alpaca Care

$177.27 (excl GST) $195.00